About Us


Two Spokane-area nonprofits, At The Core and Second Harvest, first partnered to provide the management, maintenance, and expansion of Bite2Go in 2014. Since then, we have built a network of churches, businesses, and other clubs and encouraged them to fund the Bite2Go program at area schools. We currently serve nearly 10,000 food-insecure kids at 215+ elementary, middle and high schools.  

It is the mission of At The Core to inspire and empower local churches, businesses, and organizations to successfully adopt schools in their community for the purpose of fighting childhood hunger and helping meet the other needs of children. Adoptive organizations begin by providing Bite2Go weekend food support to children experiencing food insecurity. Through technical, organizational and logistical support At The Core helps to expand the reach and effectiveness of these partners even further. 

While At The Core is the chief relationship manager, Second Harvest brings significant logistical prowess and a sizable volunteer base to the partnership. Second Harvest’s scale and buying power allow Bite2Go to source our food at below wholesale prices without passing any costs on to Bite2Go contributors. Second Harvest is also able to draw on its roster of 8,000 volunteers to build the nearly 150,000 Bite2Go kits that we distribute annually. 

These two organizations of compassion bring their complementary skills together in an equal partnership to run the Bite2Go program.  


Tom Stevenson


At The Core

My role on the team: Creating opportunities for churches, businesses and civic groups to adopt a school and feed hungry kids over the weekend.

Steve Durham

VP of Philanthropy

Second Harvest

My role on the team: Bringing Bite2Go to your school or community and any ideas or concerns related to Bite2Go operations and staff.

Brenna Sloan

Program Developer

At The Core

My role on the team: Program development, coaching community members to adopt schools and feed hungry kids, Bite2Go marketing and communications.

Julie Myklebust

Philanthropy Manager

Second Harvest

My role on the team:Program development, food procurement, logistics, any concerns related to Bite2Go operations.

Jean Tucker

Philanthropy Manager

Second Harvest

My role on the team: Becoming a Tri-Cities adoptive organization and routine donations.

Shannon Kinney

Philanthropy Manager

Second Harvest

My role on the team: Donations and questions regarding financial statements, general program queries.

Glori Cheevers

Philanthropy Associate

Second Harvest

My role on the team: Bite2Go operations, order pickup and delivery, warehouse logistics, volunteer opportunities.

Christine Garcia

Business Associate

Second Harvest

My role on the team: Tri-Cities order inquiries, contact information updates, order pickup and delivery.